Set of Mini Baskets Truck

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Clean-up can be fun with these charming, small baskets shaped as stuffed pick-up trucks that sport pom-poms as wheels and “L0 R3 NA” as the license plate. Watch little ones carry out their chores while enjoying some vroom-vroom fun. They are perfect for storing little objects, from crayons to marbles, beads, small toys, game pieces… and many other nick-nacks!

They come in sets of two, complete with a cardboard print to encourage imaginative child play. Each set includes two color versions, combining Vintage Blue and Honey, with Natural color – the blue one showcasing a slightly longer basket, ideal for keeping color pencils!

Size: Basket 1: 3" x 9" x 5" | Basket 2: 3" x 8" x 5"